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Coffee Text is back!

Thank you so much for your patience last month. We heard you and we've made a few of changes that we hope you'll love. See what's new!


We're happy to announce a few exciting changes that will help with shipping fees. Going forward, some offers will include free shipping and some will be subsidized but for those that don't offer either, there are other ways to benefit:
You can unlock free shipping when you reach a minimum purchase threshold. The minimum amount will be set on a per deal basis.
Fees will be adjusted based on your proximity to the roaster. This means the closer you are to the roaster the less you will pay and vice versa.
Don't forget that you have the option of picking up the coffee without a shipping fee if you're nearby the roaster.


You're now able to create your own custom bundle from the roasts offered. For example, you may want 2 medium roasts or 2 dark roasts instead of 1 of each and you now have that as an option!


We're now accepting more roasters so expect to see more amazing roasters from across Canada on Coffee Text!


One of our promises is fresh coffee and we're happy to note that our partners have roasted coffee 0-2 days before the coffee was shipped out to you! NOW THAT”S FRESH!


Thank you!

As always, thank you for your support as we continue to improve and build the easiest platform to buy coffee on!