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Social Coffee Roasters

Social Coffee & Tea Co. is dedicated to bringing the highest quality fresh-roasted coffees grown anywhere to you, the toiling workers of the world. We do this by harnessing the existing capitalist system in service to our customers’ needs.

Our name is how to think of our coffee
We believe coffee should be a social experience, top to bottom. It should be delivered via socially conscious supply chains and brewed by impassioned devotees dedicated to providing delicious coffees for all, regardless of class, birthright or party affiliation. We roast and develop our own specialty blends using the finest coffee beans available.

Coffee, tea or the salt-mines
We strive to elevate humanity’s coffee awareness and encourage all classes to brew their own. After all, more labour equals more freedom, and thus universal happiness. To us, coffee isn’t simply a drink, but a perfect realization of the Social Contract: To ensure all human resources reach maximum productivity through correct and delicious coffee consumption.

Re-education in everything we do
At our Richmond Hill, Ontario roastery we offer tuition in coffee brewing, espresso-making and taste-testing. We also conduct tasting sessions to demonstrate how we evaluate our green coffee samples.