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Rosso Coffee Roasters

Est. 2007 | Calgary, AB

We're going, going, back, back to Cal-gary! Rosso is offering up two premium single origin coffees that will power you through the week!
Since 2007, Rosso has placed importance on the sourcing and how variables at the farm level, the roasting process and choice of brew method, have diverse effects on how the final cup will taste. Enjoy!

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This week’s coffee bundle!

Senja – Single Origin
🌎 Origin: Indonesia
🌾 Varietal: Bourbon
💦 Process: Oro Honey
🍭 Sweetness: 4/5
🍋 Acidity: 3/5
☕️ Body: 3/5
Senja is the Sanskirt word for “sunset” and, like a sunset, this coffee's taste profile has a complex vibrancy. The profile is highlighted by creamy elderflower florals. Its flavours play deeply into stone fruit qualities, such as yellow plum, with a crisp and refreshing chardonnay-type sensation. Coupled with a silky and full body, this coffee will leave your mouth watering.
Gakenke – Single Origin
🌎 Origin: Burundi
🌾 Varietal: Kartika
💦 Process: 'SENJA' Inoculated Natural
🍭 Sweetness: 3/5
🍋 Acidity: 4/5
☕️ Body: 3/5
This tasty coffee has yeast added to the fermentation process. The strain of yeast is called Oro yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Oro is a specific yeast developed for coffee production. The yeast is used to control spoilage of the coffee cherries and this increases the cup quality! This fermentation process gives a complex acidity which comes through as passion fruit and nectarine. There is also a comfortable cocoa nib/chocolate quality that rounds out the cup.
Offer ends tonight at 11:59 pm PST
☕️  Roasted Fresh
📦  Shipped to your door
🇨🇦  Roasted by Canadians

Ready to order?

Reply to our text with the quantity you would like order and follow the prompts 🙂

If you select to pick up from Rosso Coffee, you can do so by Friday, Sep 16.

Address: 36 Ave SE, Unit 521, Calgary, AB T2G 1W5

Please confirm with us first before visiting them to make sure your coffee is ready.

Offer ends today at 11:59pm PST.

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