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Silver, White, Black

The Barista Perfetta Plus is a compact elegant machine enabling you to customise your perfect cup of coffee. This compact appliance requires only little space, making it perfectly suitable for even the smallest kitchen. A product developed with a passion for coffee to get the best out of every single coffee bean. The perfect tool to create coffee as a real barista does. 

Skill Level

Simple controls and forgiving pressurized baskets to help novices.


Program shot time or temperature to fit your needs.


Perfect fit for a kitchen counter

7 inches
Depth: 17 inches w/ portafilter
Height: 12.5 inches


The manometer makes it easier to check the extraction pressure for a well-balanced cup of coffee.

Why we love it

The Coffee Text team has been using this machine for the last 6 months and we've been impressed. There is some skill level required but you don't have to be a professional barista to impress your friends. With a little bit of practice you'll be sure to pull a perfect shot. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a high quality latte without having to leave the front door? Not to mention the money you'll save! Here's some things that stood out to us.

Compact Size: This machine will fit any kitchen counter, even the most cluttered ones!

Quick Heating: From the off position to pulling a shot in 1 min.

Quality: Perfectly weighted portafilter and tamper makes you feel like a pro.

Basket Options: Use it your way with included non pressurized, pressurized, and ESE pod baskets to fit your preference.

Maintenance Alerts: The machine alerts you when it's time to change water filter, descale or clean the brewing unit and does it with automated programming. 

Programmable Shot Time: Set single and double shot times for simple use later.

Adjustable Temperature: The electronically controlled temperature can be adjusted to fit your preference.

Classic Steam Wand: A classic single hole steam wand puts milk temperature and texture in your hands.

Pressure Gauge: An inline manometer gives exacting feedback to help you keep your coffee dialed in.

About Solis

Since 1908, Solis has successfully been introducing new equipment for the kitchen, beauty, and climate-control segments. With over 110 years of experience, Solis is successfully bringing new, safe, and innovative products to the market. As a Swiss company with a long and rich tradition, values like reliability, trust, and sustainability are particularly important to Solis.


A wide range of high-end products

Solis offers a wide selection of useful household appliances with a timeless design and high-end quality. A product's design and functionality are key aspects our skilled product development team is dedicated to. Solis products are never launched before they have undergone extensive testing. The essence of a Solis product is to provide pleasure and make life easier for our customers.

Small is beautiful

As a family company with short lines, we can listen, react and adapt immediately. The honest opinion of customers and business partners is vital to Solis, because that is the only way for Solis to develop and improve products that meet the market's needs. Over the decades, Solis continues to score with genuine innovations made by our Swiss designers based on trends and real needs from the market. We can make it happen.

Swiss craftsmanship – built to last!

SWISS MADE is much more than just manufacturing products in Switzerland. It stands for functionality, design, precision, durability, and innovation. Solis opposes the 'throw-away society’ as our products are made to last! From the beginning, our products have been made from high-quality, state-of-the-art materials. The dedication to producing excellent quality for professionals is always on our mind. This you can see in the choice of stainless steel, embedded heating elements and high-quality built-in parts used for our products.

Manufactured with precision and 100% quality control

Each Solis hairdryer is produced to the highest standards, starting from the housing by using precision injection moulding machines to the final assembly by hand. Solis' innovations such as ion technology make these products really stand out. Each hairdryer must pass a rigid quality control prior to being shipped to hairstylists and hotels around the world. And of course – thousands of consumers benefit from the professional-quality standard and SWISS precision Solis products offer.



Silver, white, black


5.7 kg


32.1 cm


18.7 cm


37.2 cm


Stainless steel or plastic

Automatic switch-off


Control options




Energy class


Power Watt

1,420 – 1,700 Watt

Standby mode




Recipes included



2 Y

Warranty type

Carry-in warranty

Warm-up time

40 sec.

Type of coffee machine

Half automatic

Type of coffee/filling

Coffee beans, ESE servings, Ground Coffee

Bean grinder included

In combo package

Water reservoir capacity

1.7 L

Removable water tank


Removable drip tray




Adjustable temperature


Suitable for frothing milk


Milk frothing method

Steam wand

Hot water function


Steaming function


Cleaning indication


Cup warmer


Type of tamper

Separate tamper

Included filters

1 cup non-pressurized, 2 cup non-pressurized, 1 cup pressurized, 2 cup pressurized

Filter holder diameter

54 mm

Pump pressure

15 bar

Pressure gauge


Single wall filters


Double wall filters


ESE Pads filters


Measuring spoon


Anti-slip feet