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Portfolio Coffee Roasters

Portfolio coffee is for all home baristas.

If you’re new to the world of specialty coffee, we welcome you to experience how nuanced and flavourful coffee can taste. If you’re a seasoned coffee expert, we invite you to enjoy unpretentious, high-quality coffee.

Here at Portfolio Coffee we directly source specialty coffees from renowned farms all over the world and hand roast them fresh in our roastery in Toronto, Canada before delivering them to your door. This farm-to-cup approach allows us more control over the coffee origin, quality, and consistency, and also empowers coffee farmers and cooperatives.

We strongly believe coffee is something to be enjoyed and great coffee should not be limited to experts with vast coffee knowledge or expensive equipment. Tasting and brewing great coffee is within reach regardless of how deep you are into your coffee discovery journey. Some people like espressos, some people prefer automatic drippers, and some people enjoy both! We ditch the pretentious coffee snob talk and welcome all brewing methods and all coffee equipment, from the latest, cutting-edge espresso machine to the simple utensils everyone has in their kitchen.

We also believe coffee subscriptions are great, except when they come with conditions. At Portfolio we do things differently. Don’t be trapped into long commitments. Don’t subscribe to coffees you don’t really want. Our coffee subscriptions are fully custom to give you total control.