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Motherlode Coffee Roasters

Motherlode Coffee is native to Calgary, Canada and was founded by the ONLY FEMALE and LGBTQ2+ coffee roaster team in YYC. We wanted to make a difference in the coffee world with unique flavours and giving back to charities that target issues on gender equality. Our deep-rooted connection with Peru (one of our founders was born and raised in Lima, Peru) is the reason that every coffee we invent has Peruvian beans included.

 How did we come up with the name MOTHERLODE?

We consider ourselves so fortunate that we are two women who get to live out our dream and have so many opportunities as women entrepreneurs. We may not be money rich but we are definitely LIFE RICH. We believe we hit the Motherlode in Life and we hope you feel like you hit the jackpot too every time you take a sip of our coffee.

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