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Shipping: $9 Flat

Following the unfortunate earthquake on August 14th, we knew it was our duty to help the coffee farmers and producers of Haiti. We got in touch with Felix from JA Coffee, who told us about the coffee from Kok Ki Chante, a non-profit organization located in Haiti that aims to help Haitian coffee growers get a fair wage for their work.

This batch of Arabica Typica, Bourbon and Catuai varieties brings a medium-bodied, slightly acidic, coffee with notes of chocolate, orange, and caramel.

We are honoured to present this lot of Colombian coffee produced by our friend Wilfredo Ule Vargas in his “Alcatraz” coffee farm in Oparapa, Colombia. His innovative spirit and intuition help him produce some of the most delicious and intense coffee lots.

This time he presents us with this very well sought arabica varietal processed anaerobically to obtain a fermentation of 106 hours. The result is a dense, sweet and aromatic brew. Only ripe red coffee cherries are collected and any defect like underdeveloped, green, dry or overripe beans are discarded to only pulp the best beans. Then, coffee is dried, initially on raised beds under the shade, then through the more direct sun light in a process called “Markesina”. This lot of coffee was produced at an average altitude of 1750 meters above the sea level.

Every cup has a story

Las Fincas is a specialty coffee roaster in Montreal, Quebec. We roast every batch carefully and with the utmost respect to the people involved in producing and transporting our coffees. We are a fairly trading company and all our coffee is 100% traceable. We imagine a coffee industry that proposes unique coffees, traceability, respect and relationships. Our products include all those elements with innovative packaging that retains freshness and tells a flavourful story. When you open one of our coffee cans we’ll transport you to another side of the world.

*The artwork on the Haiti can was created by Haitian-born Montreal artist Gregory Theobal “THEO” (@iamkingtheo) to bring a glimmer of hope to his country, to which he shows a deep sense of attachment. Thus, 11% of the proceeds from each can will go directly to the artist, to encourage him in his artistic projects.

* 33% of the proceeds from each can of HATI KOLEN will go directly to the coffee producers of this richest coffee growing region in the world.

* 0.5% of the proceeds from all cans will go directly to the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA), a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting, empowering and advancing women in the international coffee community.

What would it normally cost to ship this coffee to Ontario?

Here's an example taken directly from Las Fincas' website

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Offer ends Thursday, Feb 3 at 11:59pm PST.

If you select the pick-up option, your coffee will be available by Friday, Feb 4th at the Las Fincas Roastery located at: 770 Halpern avenue, Dorval, QC H9P 1G6

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