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We would like to share some insight 🙂

We're so thankful to our amazing community for providing valuable and constructive feedback! This type support motivates us to move forward and improve to better serve you.

We asked about your interest in a subscription box and we were delighted to learn that 2/3's of you are interested in a monthly box featuring Canadian roasters. In addition we received feedback about our Coffee Text's which was invaluable.

After our first six months, this is what we learned.

Coffee Text Concerns


Your feedback is clear that shipping fees are a primary consideration when deciding to order from Coffee Text. We knew that high shipping costs in Canada were going to be a challenge and unexpected factors like increased fuel surcharges made it even harder.

On average it costs us $16.50 per bundle to ship across Canada and we have been subsidizing this for our amazing “texters” and charging an average of $9.50. As you can imagine, this is not sustainable for Coffee Text long term.

What are we going to do about this?
One consideration is to charge “texters” based on proximity to the coffee. We have long considered this and are working on how it will affect our service in the future.

Another consideration is to take control of packaging and shipping. We have some innovative ideas and we are continuing develop this option.


Our goal at Coffee Text is to make buying great coffee easy. We originally held back on variations/options due to the learning curve inherent to a new platform but going forward you will notice more flexibility, like the ability to choose 2 of the same roasts in a bundle or even create your own bundle from a variety of choices.

Subscription Box

Assembling a subscription box is now a real consideration for us based on your feedback. There are a few areas that we will have to focus on like price point, free shipping, variety and more to determine how we will be able to create the BEST subscription box in Canada!

A little break

We will be taking a short hiatus in June to work out some of the concerns you have voiced so there will be no text offers in June. If you still want want to get a great deal on coffee you can visit The Market where you can buy coffee from your favourite roasters using your exclusive discount coupon. Text COUPON to get the latest discount codes.

Thank you!

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to learn. Our concept is new and we're so motivated to create something awesome for Canadians. Your support goes a long way!

More feedback?

If there's else you would like us to know please feel free to do so. Your input will help Coffee Text grow.