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Brown Bag Coffee Roasters

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters (winner of the Thr3dwave Coffee Roasters of the year 2020 in Ottawa – Gatineau) is a specialty coffee roaster that utilizes fluid bed roasting technology for a clean and healthy roast. Our aim is to introduce the community to specialty coffee in an approachable and comprehensible way. Coffee can be intimidating for those who want to get into the nuance of brewing and drinking, but we pride ourselves with knowledge and patience.

Now in its fourth year of operations, BBCR's team includes many talented baristas that run the front end of the roastery, including serving customers, fulfilling orders, bagging and delivering coffee. Current team members include Kianna, Anika, Marie-Pierre and Stephanie. Behind the scenes, marketing materials and social media for BBCR are handled by Kyle and Dana.

Stay curious coffee lovers!

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